The New Generation Tools for Internal Branding

Internal branding is the process of investigating what your employees think about your brand and company as you need to know more about their needs. The brand leader needs to understand how to help your employees to solve their problems in the workplace. Their emotions can unconsciously affect their work hence it is important that the employees’ message can be delivered to their superiors.

Do your company have the right tool to help you? There are a few tools which can help you to investigate what your employees think of your brand.

1. Snapping short video to motivate your employee

It might be weird if you said some emotional speech to your employees face-to-face and it won’t if you decide to film a video to pass on these messages to them. Apart from emotional speech, you can film some tutorial video as a guide for them if you have too much of employees and you do not have the time to teach them. Your mental support is very important to build a better relationship between you and your employees.

2. Online survey forms and quizzes

You can try to send your employees some online survey forms and quizzes with the satisfaction meter of 1 to 5. Do not create closed-ended questions which will end with a “yes” or “no”. Write open-ended questions which allows them to voice out their opinions. Online surveys can help you to gain a higher amount of responses effectively and efficiently.

3. Create screensavers for your employees’ computer at the office

It sounds ridiculous but sometimes your words written on the screen can motivate your employees to work passionately as they know that their hard work is appreciated by their superiors. You can include internal brand messages on the screensavers to give your employees some positive mental support.

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